White Polo Shirt or White long-sleeved / short-sleeved blouse

Bright Royal Blue Sweatshirt / Cardigan

Grey / Black Trousers or Skirt

Black Shoes with sensible heels.


White Polo Shirt or White long-sleeved / short-sleeved shirt

Bright Royal Blue Sweatshirt

Grey / Black Trousers

Black Shoes

PE/Dance/Gym – indoor


White round neck t-shirt

Black shorts or

Black leotard


White round necked T-shirt

Black shorts

Games – outdoor


Indoor kit plus Trainers


Indoor kit plus Trainers, jogging bottoms and warm jumper or tracksuit

Please ensure that your child has all their PE & Games kit clearly labelled & that your child brings their kit on the required days.

Sweatshirts, fleeces, cardigans and polo shirts and PE t-shirts embroidered with the school badge can be ordered from myclothing.com.
You can also buy rucksacks, book bags and name labels


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Pupils in Year 4 attend a weekly 60 minute swimming session at Dearne Valley Leisure Centre. In order to adhere to the health and safety regulations boys must wear appropriate swimming trunks and girls a one-piece swimming costume.

Long hair must be tied back or a swimming cap used.


In order to adhere to the health and safety regulations – no item of jewellery can be worn at school except for a watch and ear studs or to conform to religious beliefs.

  • Pupils must remove jewellery to participate in any P.E. except to conform to religious beliefs
  • No body piercing other than ear studs are allowed.
  • Unless a child is excused for PE or swimming by medical note, they will be requested to participate fully.

Other items your child will require:

  • Book bag in school colours with school logo – may be purchased from mvclothing
  • Water bottle in school colours – may be purchased via ParentPay
  • School Bag or Rucksack – may be purchased from myclothing